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The dates (in brackets) are the most recent versions of each list:

added.....  26/05/2021

Kent (East) (KEE May 2021)
Leicestershire (LEI May 2021)
London area South of the Thames (LOS May 2021)
Northamptonshire and Rutland (NRT May 2021)
Oxfordshire (OXF May 2021)
Westmoreland (WES May 2021)
Scotland North of Forth-Clyde (SCN May 2021)
Narrow gauge railways (NG May 2021)
Tramways and non-BR electrified lines (TRA May 2021)

added.....  19/05/2021

BR locomotives in number order (BRL April 2021)
Buckinghamshire (BUC May 2021)
Cheshire (CHE May 2021)
Cumberland (CUM May 2021)
Derbyshire (DER May 2021)
Hampshire (North) (HAN May 2021)
Herefordshire and Worcestershire (HEW May 2021)
Wiltshire (WIL May 2021)
Irish railways and tramways (5’3”) CIE (part 2) (IRC(pt2) May 2021)
Irish railways and tramways (5’3”) North of the Border (IRE May 2021)
Industrial and military activities (IMA May 2021)

added.....  14/05/2021

Yorkshire (West) (YOW May 2021)

added.....  28/04/2021

Lancashire (LAN April 2021)
Northumberland (NUM April 2021)
Staffordshire (STF April 2021)
Military and Government railways (MIL April 2021)

added.....  08/04/2021

Berkshire (BER April 2021)
Durham (DUR April 2021)
Hampshire (South) (HAS April 2021)
Kent (East) (KEE April 2021)
Kent (West) (KEW April 2021)
by location: BA (STA-BA January 2021)
by location: WI-WY (STA-WI-WY February 2021)

added.....  25/03/2021

Cumberland (CUM November 2020)
Isle of Man and Channel Islands (IOM September 2020)
North Wales (NWL March 2020)

added.....  21/03/2021

Standard gauge Industrial railways (IND February 2021)
Military and Government railways (MIL June 2019)
Narrow gauge railways (NG February 2021)
Tramways and non-BR electrified lines (TRA December 2018)
Shippng, canals, docks and harbours (MAR February 2021)
Stationary steam and traction engines (SOR January 2020)
Trading and postal services (TRP February 2021)
Railways and tramways in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GAS January 2020)
Railways and tramways in Italy, Spain and Portugal (ISP March 2019)
Railways and tramways in Scandinavia and Russia (SRU July 2013)

added.....  11/03/2021

added.....  24/02/2021

added.....  17/02/2021

added.....  10/02/2021

added.....  27/01/2021

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added.....  30/08/2020

added.....  03/08/2020

added.....  26/07/2020