Where were these taken…??

Where were these taken…??

We are looking for a little help to pin down where some of our images were taken.

This first batch of images that need a little detective work are all from the North-East of England; I wonder if any of you very clever people out there can help us with the locations?:

Unidentified station on the East Coast main line when still open for passengers and freight: staggered platforms. Cattle wagons in sidings on right; no train

Slightly misty view of unidentified 4-6-2 with coal train at unidentified location on the East Coast main line

View from overbridge of unidentified two-platform station with wooden platform buildings somewhere in the Newcastle electrified area with EMU arriving

Tyneside EMU at unidentified location on double-track line

4 thoughts on “Where were these taken…??

  1. 3640 is Percy Main, on the North Tyneside electrified loop. 3752 looks like somewhere between Benton and Backworth on the same loop but I’m not sure yet.

  2. 3559: A lot of these Newcastle & Berwick stations looked very similar, with massive buildings many of which have been converted into private houses, but not so many had staggered platforms. Newham did and so did Goswick, but the first of those was on a curve and the second is the wrong way round, if you follow me. This looks like Warkworth (http://disused-stations.org.uk/w/warkworth/index.shtml).

  3. 3559: By way of postscript as regards the likely date of this view, I would plump for September 1958. We know that the photographer, John Parker, was in the North East at that time because he (and various other R.E.C. members including David Lawrence and Chris Gammell) travelled on the last train over the Border Counties Railway (Hexham to Riccarton), a Ramblers’ Excursion, on 7 September 1958. Warkworth station closed precisely a week later, on and from 15 September 1958, along with nine other main line stations in Northumberland. It strikes me as perfectly natural that John Parker and his friends would want to visit as many of those locations as possible to photograph them before they closed. If there are any comparable David Lawrence views (which I should think is quite likely) they are unlikely to have been dated precisely (even by me!), but it might be worth having a look to see if there are any in the Chris Gammell collection.

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