Where were these taken…??

Where were these taken…??

This time it's Scotland! We are looking for a little help to pin down where some of our images were taken.

This set of images that need a little detective work are all from Scotland specifically list SCS (South of the Clyde); there is always the possibility however that they are north of the Clyde! So come on all you Scottish experts help us with identifying these locations!!:

An unidentified Scottish branch line station, showing footbridge, signal, signal box, platform and platform buildings, mainly white painted; no train; still in use, at least for freight

LMS 2-6-0 42737 with special train Duty No.200 (but no headboard) at unidentified location in the Grangemouth area; prominent is a partly-demolished wooden signal box; no people in

Unidentified station in Scotland with extensive freight sidings

Steam-hauled passenger train ¾ view going away from camera on double track in Scottish city – possibly Glasgow

LMS 2-6-0 42737 with special train Duty No.200 (but no headboard); ¾ view of whole train of three coaches passing goods yard of unidentified rural station

BR standard 4-6-2 70009 Alfred the Great with lengthy passenger train at unidentified location which looks like a port; large building which could be a hotel in the background

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  1. B235/3 and B235/4: 42737 was used on the SLS Scottish Rambler No. 3 rail tour on 29/3/64. The route that day was (deep breath): Glasgow Central – Eglinton Street – Rutherglen Junction – Newton = Uddingston – Motherwell – Ross Jc – Ferniegair Jc = Merryton Jc – Larkhall East – Dalserf – Swinehill (rev. and back to Motherwell by the same route) – Shieldmuir Jc – Law Jc – Larkhall East – Lanark Jc – Carstairs – Dolphinton Jc – Auchengray – Wilsontown South Jc – Wilsontown North Jc (rev) – Wilsontown West Jc – Haywood – Wilsontown (rev. and back to Dolphinton Jc) – Strawfrank Jc. – Symington – Biggar – Broughton (rev. and back to Symington) – Beattock. At this point 80118 took over for a trip to Moffat and back, before 42737 resumed for the return to Glasgow Central via Carstairs and Motherwell.

    JSG photographed this tour at Larkhall East, where there was a photostop, and at a place I have identified as Birkenshaw, but which appears in the itinerary as Swinehill, but I’m not aware that any other of “the usual suspects” did!

  2. B235/4: Gary Thornton notes on the Six Bells Junction website that, for the traverse of the Broughton branch, the train was reduced from five to three coaches, so this view is definitely on that branch line. Follwing examination of the set of views of Broughton on the Railscot website (https://www.railscot.co.uk/locations/B/Broughton_2nd/) I am convinced that the location is Broughton itself, looking east (i.e. towards Peebles). The date, as previously advised, was 29 March 1964.

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